Taj Shotwell


           Educator, Novelist, Screenwriter, Playwright, Lyricist

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Dr. Shotwell shares her life’s journey through fifty poems/stories. These dramatic and loving short stories are historical experiences about several generations of relatives and friends from her historical hometown, Orange Mound, located in the southeast part of Memphis, and international travels. Some poems address the complexities of families, (nuclear structured or otherwise), and confirm the family does matter. Many delightful photos are included.

The author also gives views and thoughts about world issues and communal societies (past and present). The poems capture various spiritual expressions including:  hate to love;  judgemental to acceptance; selfishness to gratitude; catastrophe to triumph; destruction to peace; dysfunctional to purposeful; sadness to joy; and bitterness to forgiveness.


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~~Professional Development for Pre-Professionals offers a critical concept in addressing students’ needs in the preparation of successful careers of their choice. Textbooks for professional development are scarce – leaving a major gap in addressing these needs. Often students are not certain as to what career field is right for them. The goal is to present one possible solution that meets the needs of individuals in determining and pursuing any career. Therefore, this book targets secondary and post-secondary education students interested in any fields--- including business, engineering, education, legal, medical, and others. Students interested in the performing arts field may benefit from this course as early as the seventh grade or age 13. This reasoning is based upon the fact that the performing arts field may attract individuals into the professional status at a much earlier age than any other field of interest. Reaching a celebrity status, particularly as a child, can cause confusion that may affect his/her attitude and behavior in becoming a successful artist. The primary purpose is to address students’ attitudes and behaviors. Specifically, those attitudes about the workplace, the classroom, and society as a whole -- yet, addressing the behaviors they display because of those attitudes. 



Genre:      Modern Family Drama/Romance/Mystery  Musical

Logline:    A young teacher struggles to reach her dying father while evading  her                 devious stepmother’s deadly schemes.

Synopsis:  Maggie, a humble young elementary teacher, and only child of a
                business tycoon, learns that her father is dying.  Her efforts to be
                with him become problematic as her jealous and deranged
                stepmother, Jennifer, plans deadly schemes against her. Maggie finds
                support through unsuspected friendships and a love interest. 

Pitch:       Part fable and modern reality, that  weaves wealth, danger, betrayal,                  and fantasy into a richly satisfying tale, all framed with original songs.    



MIDDLE CHILD: Build a fence all around me.

Genre: Historical Fiction Drama

Log line: As the middle child of eleven, raised by a career Army Sergent and homemaker, Annie struggles to survive her dysfunctional family, a brutal Deep South transition, and ultimately an abusive relationship.

Synopsis: Annie Fowler Hightower, the sixth and middle child of eleven, was an always mobile child of an Army sergeant and his homemaker wife. With laughter and tears, she describes her journey during the 1950’s through the early 1970’s as she seeks to adapt to living in the Deep South, dysfunctional familial relationships, race relations, and ultimately, an abusive husband. Finally, burdened with the constant threat of danger to herself and to her child, she simply prayed:     “Lord, build a fence all around me.”   

MIDDLE CHILD 2:  Better Than Good

Genre: Historical Fiction Drama

Log line:  ​Annie movies to the west coast; faced with difficulties in balancing her career choices and  single parenting. More dangerous pursuers, undermining perpetrators, and financial hardship-- all become life's lessons learned before she could soar into a new world of her own.

Synopsis: Seeking safety for her and her daughter after escaping an abusive relationship and violence, Annie Fowler Hightower continues her story from the early 1970’s where she begins a new life in California.  Alone and fresh to the new world, Annie is faced with unexpected difficulties in balancing a career, obtaining a formal education, and parenting.         As Annie attempts to succeed in her life choices, family members and new acquaintances undermine her and cause her financial hardship. Again, she encounters danger through romantic pursuers.  Annie overcomes some fears by facing them. Despite the loss of love ones, the lack of support, and the belittling acts toward her, Annie, with her kind heart and strong faith, continues to march forward. Yet never bitter, her long and difficult journeys become the past.  As she travels from coast to coast and worldwide, Annie learns life’s lessons that take her to a place that she could never have imagined --- a life that is:
                                  “Better Than Good.”


Genre: Family-historical-fiction

Synopsis: This collection of short stories is based on true stories beginning in the mid-1950s. The series is an extension of the author’s novels, “Middle Child: Build a fence all around me”, and “Middle Child 2: Better than good”, and consists of untold stories that are appropriate for all readers.

Volume 1:  “As Far As You Can See”  Little Annie meets her first lifelong best friend.

Volume 2:  “Mr. Little”  Curious Annie admires her neighbor who loves dogs and horses, and grows a beautiful vegetable garden every year.

Volume 3:  “The History Teaching Nun” In the summer of 1967 Annie attends a USA history class at a Catholic high school during the time society was openly divided.

Volume 4:   “Just Hair” Preteen Annie becomes a hair model; meets a family friend; works in a hair salon; and experiments with many hair styles.

Volume 5:   “Miracles Loss”  Annie discovers a love for animals that she had never anticipated.

Volume 6:   “My Birthplace” Annie  takes a spearing journey to her birthplace. 



Black Wall Street New Dream Publishing


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 PAPERBACK AND KINDLE also on Amazon.com

 PAPERBACK AND KINDLE also on Amazon.com

Copyrights 2013. Theresa A James Shotwell. All rights reserved.



Middle Child Short Stories Untold: Annie's Diary Series



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