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Taj Shotwell


  Educator, Best Selling Author, Songwriter, Screenwriter, Playwright, Poet




                                      by  TAJ SHOTWELL

Genre:                Modern Family and Faith Drama/Mystery/Romance/Musical 

Logline:            Maggie learns her father is dying, returns home, and falls victim to her hateful stepmother’s deadly plots.  With her faith tested, she finds true love and unforeseen friendships.


Pitch:              Modern reality and part fable that weaves wealth, danger, betrayal, and faith into a richly satisfying story - all framed with original songs. Whether Maggie is teaching school, bantering with a basketball team, discovering true love, or falling victim to her mentally deranged stepmother’s plots, Maggie tries to follow her father’s advice to be “Never Bitter.” 

Synopsis:      Maggie, a young elementary teacher in Oakland CA. and the only child of a wealthy businessman, learns that her father is dying.  After returning home, her efforts to be with him become problematic while her mid-aged ex-model, yet jealous and disturbed stepmother, Jennifer, plans deadly schemes against her. Maggie finds support through her love interest, Douglass. Maggie is kidnapped but escapes far from home. She is found by a group of athletes called the Dunkers in a rural area. They protect her and teach her a life lesson. Douglass searches for Maggie and discovers life-changing facts about Jennifer. Jennifer finds Maggie before Douglass and harms her. Maggie’s quest to follow her father’s faith to be Never Bitter becomes challenging.  Maggie must find ways to forgive and to live?.The story is framed with Original Songs. Sixteen Lyrics, music charts, & soundtracks are available.