Book Fair Tallahassee Community College

Rose Jackson Ford

Memphis, Tennessee

Harold James

 Reno,  Nevada

Book Signing -Cherry Laurel Tallahassee, Florida

Lorna Dawson

Tortola, British Virgin Islands

It is such a blessing and comforting to me to have people throughout the USA and abroad reading my work. Your support is greatly appreciated. Below are a few photos that illustrate how words are capable of reaching others throughout the world. Please email a picture of you taken with my novel/s at It will be posted only on this website with other supporters. Indicate the city, state, and country where you live. I am deeply honored by your support of my work- "Middle Child."   Please don't forget to get a copy of the "Middle Child 2". and "Family & Faith".  Thank you and enjoy the reading.

Fatmah Radovich

Santa Ana, Costa Rica

Vivian Carpenter

" The Fifth Letter"

Detroit, Michigan

Nishat  Jannah

San Francisco, California

Rhonda Westley,

Clarksdale, Mississippi

Lisa Robinson - Memphis, Tennessee

L​arry  Walls

Bremerton, Washington

Spencer Ingram, Talk Show Host

Tallahassee, Florida

Charlotte Hoyle and Rose Ford at Memphis Sounds

Memphis, TN

The  Ott's

Corpus Christi, Texas

Cruising with Taj along Alaska/Canada

Taj Shotwell


  Educator, Best Selling Author, Songwriter, Screenwriter, Playwright, Poet

Ronald Gray

​Laurel, Maryland

 New Sardis Baptist Church                           -- Ollie Johnson

Collierville, Tennessee