Taj Shotwell


           Educator, Novelist, Screenwriter, Playwright, Lyricist

Charlotte Hoyle and Rose Ford at Memphis Sounds

Memphis, TN

 New Sardis Baptist Church                           -- Ollie Johnson

Collierville, Tennessee

Rhonda Westley,

Clarksdale, Mississippi

Lisa Robinson - Memphis, Tennessee

Vivian Carpenter

" The Fifth Letter"

Detroit, Michigan

Book Fair Tallahassee Community College

Rose Jackson Ford

Memphis, Tennessee

Ronald Gray

​Laurel, Maryland

Nishat  Jannah

San Francisco, California

Fatmah Radovich

Santa Ana, Costa Rica

Spencer Ingram, Talk Show Host

Tallahassee, Florida

The  Ott's

Corpus Christi, Texas

Cruising with Taj along Alaska/Canada

L​arry  Walls

Bremerton, Washington

Harold James

 Reno,  Nevada

Book Signing -Cherry Laurel Tallahassee, Florida

Lorna Dawson

Tortola, British Virgin Islands

It is such a blessing  and comforting to me to have people throughout the USA and abroad reading my work.Your support is greatly appreciated. Below are a few photos that illustrate how words are capable of reaching others throughout the world. Please email a picture of you taken with my novel/s at taj.shotwell@outlook.com. It will be posted only on this website with other supporters. Indicate the city, state and country where you live. I am deeply honored by your support of my work- "Middle Child."   Please don't forget to  get a copy of the newly released "Middle Child 2".  Thank you and enjoy the reading.